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One Time Options

Every donation makes a difference.  

Your one-time gift can help pay for a pup's healthcare, food, and training or provide the resources for our owner and community education programs.

You can also support us through your monthly donation:

  • Starpups Coffee Club - For less than what a Latte each week costs, your $15 donation can pay for a heartworm test for one pup every month!
  • Pack Parent - This is our monthly option for pup parents who want to receive weekly training exercises for their pup(s), owner education courses,  BYOD playdates, and early access to all our special events.  And your donation of $25 every month covers the cost of microchipping one pup.
  • Virtual Pup Foster - Your $50 monthly donation covers all the vaccinations for one rescued pup! 
  • Virtual Pup Parent - You may not be able to have a pup (or another pup) at this time.  But by sponsoring us with your $100 donation each month, you give us the resources to pay one rescue pup's expenses each month.

We are a 501 (c) 3 organization so your donation may be tax deductible.  

Monthly Options

We love partnering with other organizations and in-kind donations are welcome! Please reach out to us to see how you can help!