Are you looking for a new family member? We have amazing dogs who are looking for a family to love.

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Adoption Process

- Submit your application.

- Complete a 15-minute informational interview.

- Meet your prospective family member.

- Complete a home visit.

- Welcome your new family member home!


  1. All dogs over 6 months old will be spayed or neutered.  If you adopt a dog younger than 6 months, you agree to spay / neuter at 6 months.  We will help coordinate and can provide transportation.  Dogs that are not spayed or neutered have an adoption fee that is a $100 higher.  This $100 is refunded when proof of spay / neuter is provided at 6 months.
  2. We believe that you are taking home a new family member and giving them a forever home.  We know that circumstances may change and you may one day not be able to care for your new dog.  All dogs adopted through PWPPAR should never be taken to a shelter or abandoned.  If you are no longer able to care for your dog at any time in the future, we will take him/her back and find them a new home.
  3. Our adoption fees typically include microchipping, spay/neuter, and treatment with  heartworm / flea preventives during their stay with us.  We provide, when possible, dog food for a smooth transition.  We typically feed natural, high-quality dog food tailored to the dog's dietary needs.  Our adoption fees vary from $195 (socialized but limited training) to $495 (well-trained and socialized).